Re-working a Painting

18x24" oil paint on canvas process!

18×24″ oil paint on canvas panel…in process!

Sometimes, when a painting is not working out in the directiion I had hoped, I will start over. But here is a way to start over with a “ghost image” of the former image so that the entire plan does not have to be scrubbed. The canvas panel was thinly painted over in a bluish hue, allowing the underpainting to show through. I wanted to keep to the original arrangement with some improvements in the way of color and values. The original painting was mostly grayed warm tones, which just wasn’t showing off the main subject as well as I wanted. In reworking it, I will enhance the darks and push the background to more cool color so that the warmer subject of orchids will come forward. I will post the outcome in coming days.

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