6x8" oil paint on primed canvas sheet; use "comment" below to inquire.

6×8″ oil paint on primed canvas sheet; use “comment” below to inquire.

When I was a girl, I remember being part of a dance performance in which we mimicked gypsies, and wore black leotards with colorful scarves, and each dancer had a tambourine with flowing, colorful ribbons. I loved the whole idea. It must have looked and sounded great to the audience (mostly our parents), and because I could, I was asked to do two cartwheels across the stage when we “gypsies” were trying to out prance each other. Do not ask me now.


  1. Anonymous on November 22, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Hi- I would like to request prayers for the victims of rape and abuse by members of the Catholic Church. Many of them were children when they were attacked or abused. This is also an ongoing crisis, with new victims each year, worldwide. I will remember them and their stories forever, but for the healing to truly take place, it will take the voices and efforts of many. To paraphrase a poem by an Indian schoolgirl, “Too many Catholics, in too many countries, speak the same language– of silence.” Thank you.

    • Maresa Lilley, SND on November 23, 2014 at 5:48 am

      I will help you with my prayer for this intention. Such horrors beset the innocent; the abuse cries out to heaven for healing and response. It seems we are incapable of solving some of the problems and evils of our own making.

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