Grace to Paint


Daily Oil Paintings by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND


race to Paint

Daily Oil Paintings
by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND

Yellow Tulips in Blue Vase

The background and vase were successful; the tulips not so much. I just could not land the yellow I wanted, so this may be painted over (again).


Many thanks to the photographer of these strong mother instincts of care, sustenance, and providence. I find such wonderful images from time to time on the free photo site Pixabay.

Rear Guard

“The God of Israel will protect you from behind.” (Is. 52:12)

By Paths Unknown

“I will lead them in paths that they have not known… ” (Is. 42:16)


At age five, I watched a black and white tv rendition of “The Nutcracker”, and was sure that I wanted to be a ballerina.


Candy hearts spilling from a glass jar…takes me back to childhood treats…when candy was a penny!

Frilly Hydrangea

Hydrangea is always fascinating to render. This time I went “freestyle”, and the actual painting is a bit richer in color.

May Dance

Blessed Springtime all around… and lovely peonies open to the warm sun. I caught these flowers still in the bud, but brimming with inner energy to blossom.

Peonies and Lilac in Crystal

Ah, sweet fragrances of Spring… Nothing scents the air like the first blossoms of May. Earth raises its own incense to the heavens, especially in the clusters of lilac here celebrated in paint.