Grace to Paint


Weekly Oil Paintings by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND


race to Paint

Weekly Oil Paintings
by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND

All Is Well

8 x 10″ oil paint on canvas panel

He sleeps yet his heart is awake.

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2 Responses

  1. Sr. Marissa, I love ALL of your paintings with sheep, lambs, and depictions of Jesus, although I’m not especially fond of sheep and lambs. I keep looking for ONE to purchase, but each one calls to me. Today’s post brings such a sense of calm and peace. I read this poem, “The Lost Lamb” by Sr. Joyce Rupp, a few months ago and it instantly brought your paintings to mind. I’ve been trying since then to find a picture, or two, (big smile) of yours to place on either side of a copy of the poem. I haven’t been successful AND I don’t have much wall space left. lol Your artwork brings forth many happy emotions and I thank God for the blessing of you and your talent. I’m going to keep trying to narrow down your paintings. Wish me luck. 💕

    1. Well, thank you for this interesting message, Celeste. I have a few on my shop that are 6×8″ in a mat in case you have not seen those. At the moment there are only a few because several have sold. Here I am linking you to page 6 of my art store Paintgrace on There you should see a few sheep and shepherd themes. It is best viewed on a computer since a phone view might give you a different page number. If I can help just let me know. If this link fails to be a ‘hot link’, just click on the button on my blog that says Art Shop and it will take you to page one.

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I am Sister Maresa Lilley, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame, located in Chardon, Ohio, USA. For many years, I have enjoyed a passion that permits me to reflect upon simple reality with a brush in hand. To capture a simple essence on canvas and to discover inherent beauty is a daily immersion.

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