Grace to Paint


Weekly Oil Paintings by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND


race to Paint

Weekly Oil Paintings
by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND

Backlit Bunch

There is nothing like a bunch of humble daisies to make me smile. These hardy little smileys are summer flowers that don’t mind the sun. Here, I have painted them freely and without serious definition. I was trying for loose and impressionistic rather than spelling out every petal; it is my most favorite way to express in paint. The daisies are always co-operative.

8×8″ oil on canvas panel; contact the artist for purchase information.

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7 Responses

    1. Hello, dear Cherie,
      This little painting is very recent, and so it would be ready in about 3 months since after this time, an oil painting is generally varnished and framed. I would be putting it in my online store in a simple white frame and ready to hang. The painting would be marked for $75 as a finished product. If you would be interested in purchasing; I would keep it tagged for you. Shipping and taxes would add 10 more dollars to get it to you if you are in the USA. Thank you for expressing interest in this little painting.
      Sister Maresa

      1. Yes, Sister Maresa, please tag it for me. Let me know how to purchase online. This painting reminds me of my Mother and I will hang it in my reading spot. Thank you!

        1. OK, thank you, Cherie. I will mark this painting for you. Near the end of October I will finish it off, and I will keep you posted. You can have it in a white or a black simple frame. What do you think? I am so glad it speaks to you!
          Sister Maresa

          1. Please finish the frame how you envision it. I will love it with black or white frame! Thank you!

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I am Sister Maresa Lilley, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame, located in Chardon, Ohio, USA. For many years, I have enjoyed a passion that permits me to reflect upon simple reality with a brush in hand. To capture a simple essence on canvas and to discover inherent beauty is a daily immersion.

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