Grace to Paint


Weekly Oil Paintings by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND


race to Paint

Weekly Oil Paintings
by Sister Maresa Lilley, SND

Try to Remember

9×12″ oil on canvas panel; click on painting for purchase information.

Only one long lifetime ago, homes in America looked like this…maybe a wall map instead of a flatscreen. We interface with electronics almost continuously today; it is good to remember that we are still very much in need of “the quiet life” where thought and reflection can emerge without static. I took photos of an early American historic village in Connecticut for this painting.

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Meet Sr.Maresa

I am Sister Maresa Lilley, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame, located in Chardon, Ohio, USA. For many years, I have enjoyed a passion that permits me to reflect upon simple reality with a brush in hand. To capture a simple essence on canvas and to discover inherent beauty is a daily immersion.

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